Attic Ease™ is a very simple product designed to solve a very ugly problem that exists in an estimated 80 million homes in the U.S. Most existing recessed attic stairways come with a dangling cord that is obtrusive and very unattractive. And up to now, no one has created a solution to retrofit this embarrassing eyesore for homeowners.

Attic Ease™ presents a fashionable solution to a very unsightly problem. The Attic Ease™ is a complete system. Each Attic Ease™ kit contains: either a brass or pewter fashion “pull ring” to replace the dangling cord; a custom made solid oak (mahogany finished) “reach-hook” that easily inserts into the pull ring installed into the face of the attic door to access the residential attic; and a brass or pewter “storage hook” that allows the Attic Ease reach hook to be stored when not in use. Attic Ease™ provides a simple, efficient and fashionable system for accessing and staging recessed residential attic stairways that exist in practically every home in America. Attic Ease™ turns an existing eyesore into an attractive feature that every homeowner in America will be proud to have within their home.

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